Basecamp vs Asana

Basecamp vs Asana detailed comparison. Price, functionality, screenshots.

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Slogan Is everyone's favorite project management app Teamwork without email
Date of last known update April 16, 2015 May 21, 2015
The average price
Basecamp price
$125 for 25 users
$21- $750+
Asana price users
free plan
Premium plan available as free for teachers

free for teams up to 15 people, restricted to premium features in a Workspace or Team
  • depends on number of projects and files size
  • users unlimited
  • for PRO plans - premium support
  • depends on number of users and files size
Trial duration 2 months
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Polish
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • English
  • Project Templates
  • Archive Projects
  • Export Project (HTML)
Screenshot "New project"
Basecamp new project screenshot

Screenshot "Export"
Basecamp data export screenshot
  • Project start/finish date
  • Project Templates
  • Archive Projects
  • Statuses
  • Export projects (JSON, CSV)
Screenshot "New project"
Asana new project screenshot

Screenshot "Export"
Asana data export screenshot
  • To-do lists, events
  • Recurring events, but there is no regular tasks
  • Executive (only one allowed), the change of executive
  • Date of completion of the task
  • Moves task from one list to another via drag-n-drop
  • Commenting, attach files to tasks
  • Notification of events by e-mail, you can assign tasks via e-mail
Screenshot "New task"
Basecamp new task screenshot

Screenshot "Task list"
Basecamp task list screenshot
  • Tasks, subtasks,> 5 levels deep
  • Regular tasks
  • Date and time of completion of the task
  • Executive (only one), the change of executive
  • Tags (customizable)
  • Private tasks
  • Move tasks via drag-and-drop
  • Commenting, attach files to tasks
  • Alert by e-mail, you can assign tasks via e-mail
Screenshot "New task"
Asana new task screenshot

Screenshot "Task list"
Asana task list screenshot
  • Company
  • Departments
  • Administrator
  • Staff
  • Clients
Screenshot "Manage people"
Basecamp manage people screenshot
  • Staff
  • Guests
Screenshot "Manage people"
Asana manage people screenshot
Teamwork calendar
  • Start and finish dates for tasks
  • Change dates through drag-n-drop
  • Export to iCal
Screenshot "Calendar"
Basecamp calendar screenshot
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Change dates through drag-n-drop
  • Export to iCal
Screenshot "Calendar"
Asana calendar screenshot
Gantt chart
  • via 3rd-party-app GanttChart (free)
  • via 3rd-party-app InstaGantt (while in Beta-version, free of charge)
  • Reports with plugins EasyInsight, ESS, EasyBI (all have 30-day Trial, then - charge)
  • Daily project updates by e-mail
  • Statements using the 3rd-party-app Harvest (free with limited number of users and projects )
Progress control
  • Event log
  • Alerts by e-mail about new tasks
  • Overdue tasks reminder
  • Daily reminders of upcoming events
  • Alerts by e-mail or within the system
  • Reminders of the overdue tasks
planning and control
  • Time tracking via 3rd-party-app Tick Time Tracking (there is a 30-day Trial, then - charge)
Access control
  • Private Projects (restricted access for "guests" and " customer")
  • Private projects
  • Private tasks
  • (only for premium plans)
  • Preview pictures, adding audio, video files, documents
  • Adding files via drag-n-drop
  • Integration with GoogleDocs
Screenshot "File view"
Basecamp file viewer screenshot
  • Preview pictures, adding audio, video files, documents
  • Integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box
Screenshot "File view"
Asana file viewer screenshot
Communication between participants
  • Comments
  • Comments
SSL certificates
Incidents of data leakage
Customer Reviews
Mobile applications ***check if works offline ?? App iOS, Android App iOS,
Mobile Web version
Boxed version
Easy start
  • Training mode
  • Demo project
  • Guide
  • FAQ
  • On-line training (free)
Support Fast support. The first letter was responded in 6 minutes.
the second letter - 4 minutes. And you can just tweet them
Mail with promise to get in touch soon comes in 2 minutes. Owing to the different time zones all the questions sent in the night (in their time zone) were answered by 9am (their time zone).
API *** link
Authentication OpenID authentication (Google)
Sample ID Reading #1 Reading #2 Reading #3 Reading #4 Reading #5